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Update 15th August 2020

I have some more information from the government website; in a nutshell, wedding reception parties of up to 30 guests (this includes the bride and groom) are allowed to take place for a sit down meal. Music can be played but only as background music at a low volume as to ensure guests and staff have no need to raise their voices so they can talk as normal and unfortunately dancing still is not permitted. 

For more information on additional measures required to be Covid safe click here.

Post-ceremony receptions

  • From 15 August receptions and other celebrations for weddings and civil partnerships can take place in COVID-19 Secure environments.
  • Capacity at a wedding or civil partnership reception or celebration (including the couple, guests and third-party suppliers, but not venue staff or third-party catering staff) should be limited to no more than 30.
  • During all activities linked to the reception or celebration, all parties, especially people from separate households/bubbles, should adhere to social distancing guidelines; 2 metres or 1 metre with risk mitigation (where 2 metres is not viable).
  • Wherever possible all food and drinks should be served by staff to minimise customer self-service, in line with the guidance for restaurants, pubs, bars and takeaway services.
  • Dancing should not be permitted due to the increased risk of transmission and venues should not permit indoor performances, including drama, comedy and music, to take place in front of a live audience. Venues are advised to consider the guidance for people who work in performing arts if they are hosting any performances.
  • Any other activities, including those that are watched by attendees (e.g. cake cutting) should take place with social distancing being maintained at all times.
  • Speeches should be undertaken outside or in well ventilated areas wherever possible. Social distancing between the speaker and observers should be maintained at all times and speakers should not raise their voices.

Singing, chanting and the use of musical instruments

  • People should avoid singing, shouting, raising voices and/or playing music at a volume that makes normal conversation difficult or that may encourage shouting. This is important to mitigate the potential for increased risk of transmission - particularly from droplets and aerosol transmission.
  • Therefore, spoken responses during marriages or civil partnerships should also not be in a raised voice.
  • As of 15 August, both professionals and non-professionals, or groups which include non-professionals, can conduct indoor performances with audiences in line with the guidance for people working in the performing arts.
  • Additional mitigations, such as extended social distancing were previously required for singing, wind and brass given concerns that these were potentially high risk activities. However, following further scientific studies into the scientific evidence of these activities, both professionals and non-professionals can now engage in singing, wind and brass in line with this guidance.
  • We are continuing to develop our understanding of the additional risks of indoor performances with audiences. In this context, organisers will therefore want to consider:
    • Maintaining social distancing wherever possible. Non-professionals should not engage in activities that may lead to social distancing being compromised.
    • Ensuring activity takes place outside where possible, including performance
    • Limiting the number of performers as far as possible (with non-professionals being restricted by rules on meeting people outside your home)
    • Limited the number of audience members, noting that capacity should be maintained at a level that allows social distancing to be maintained
    • Limiting the duration of performances as far as possible
    • Taking steps to improve ventilation as far as possible, both through the use of mechanical systems and opening windows and doors
  • The government and the medical and scientific communities are urgently engaged in research around transmission risk and how such activities can best be managed safely, and further guidance will follow when available.

Nevertheless, during these uncertain times, GNG Disco is offering risk free bookings up to and including 30th November 2020, however bookings made during this time may be cancelled with a full refund should the Covid Secure Guidelines not allow it.

  • zero deposit required
  • zero penalties for date changes or cancellations
  • Full payment can be made on the day at the start of the event in cash

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